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<title>BookFlip - Book banner transition</title>
<body text="#FFFF22" bgcolor="#4060a0" link="#5Fff5F" vlink="#551A8B" alink="#FF8000">



<applet code="bookflip" width="140" height="305">
<param name=credits value="Applet by Fabio Ciucci (www.anfiteatro.it/java.html)">
<param name=regcode value="NO">
<param name=reglink value="NO">
<param name=regnewframe value="YES">
<param name=regframename value="_blank">
<param name=statusmsg value="Blobs applet">
<param name=res value="1">
<param name=image1 value="book1.jpg">
<param name=image2 value="book2.jpg">
<param name=image3 value="book3.jpg">
<param name=link1 value="http://www.anfiteatro.it/java.html">
<param name=link2 value="NO">
<param name=link3 value="http://www.anfiteatro.it/java.html">
<param name=statusmsg1 value="anfy 1">
<param name=statusmsg2 value="anfy 2">
<param name=statusmsg3 value="anfy 3">
<param name=flip1 value="4">
<param name=flip2 value="2">
<param name=flip3 value="7">
<param name=speed value="4">
<param name=pause value="1000">
<param name=extrah value="80">
<param name=flipcurve value="2">
<param name=shading value="0">
<param name=backr value="64">
<param name=backg value="96">
<param name=backb value="160">
<param name=overimg value="NO">
<param name=overimgX value="0">
<param name=overimgY value="0">
<param name=memdelay value="1000">
<param name=priority value="3">
<param name=MinSYNC value="10">
Sorry, your browser doesn't suppor Java.

<p>Watch another <A HREF = "bookflip2.html">version</a> with changed parameters</p>
<p>Read <A HREF = "bookflip.txt">INSTRUCTIONS</a></p>
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