Ideas from STEAM Education and Hybrid Learning

Eva Ulbrich, Mathias Tejera, Andrea Mate-Klatyik, Branko Anđić,  Zsolt Lavicza
Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Linz, Austria

Hybrid teaching requires teachers to understand and use digital devices and programs in addition to their daily tasks in school. For that, teachers need proper introductions and support to use technologies. We created free to use content on different platforms that can help teachers find exercises for their students and learn about technologies.
Teachers will be able to engage in activities that can support their hybrid teaching from a software perspective and a collaboration point of view.
Teachers will get an overview of useful technologies and resources, such as GeoGebra and GeoGebra classrooms, to find resources and observe students’ progress.

  • A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will be presented that is free to use for teachers where we develop useful information and exercises such as introductory activities and software for visualisations for hybrid teaching (eg. MIRO).
  • Teachers can get inspiration to create their own activities through quick introductions to project outcomes.

Keywords: Digital Technologies, Digital Exercises, Visualisation, hybrid teaching