Technologies for Innovation in STEAM education

Eva Ulbrich, Mathias Tejera, Andrea Mate-Klatyik, Branko Anđić,  Zsolt Lavicza
Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Linz, Austria

The significance of STEM-related subjects in children's education is well acknowledged. Most daily activities now significantly rely on technology, which seems to hold answers to many of the issues facing contemporary society. As a result, the digitalization process and the role of technology in our lives will continue to advance. The school system will fall short in this regard in educating kids for their future professional activities in our (already) digital societies if it does not give them experience and provide a place to develop digital skills.

In the workshop, we will:

  • Present some of the emerging technologies for STEAM education.
  • Present teachers with resources for using these technologies in education.
  • Invite participants to experience some emerging technologies and their possible uses in education. Inviting them also to share their own experiences.

Keywords: technological and pedagogical innovations; 3D printing; flipped classroom; augmented reality; steam education