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Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice together with Society of Mathematics Teachers (SUMA JČMF) organize the 6th conference

The Use of Computers in Mathematics Education

November 7 – 9, 2013
(conference information leaflet in pdf)

The conference „The Use of Computers in Mathematics Education“ is a biennial conference. It gives the participants (mathematics teachers across different school levels, educational experts and teacher educators) the opportunity to share their experience with the use of informational technologies in mathematics education. The conference is organized in the form of presentations, workshops and plenary lectures.

Conference topics

  • the role of a computer in mathematics education,
  • influence of the use of computers on the educational content,
  • the role of a teacher in the computer assisted education,
  • influence of the use of computers on the development of the mathematical and financial literacy.

The conference topics will be discussed in the following sections:

  1. General issues of the use of computers in mathematics education
  2. Dynamic geometry systems in mathematics education (Cabri, Cinderella, GeoGebra, …)
  3. Computer algebra systems in mathematics education (Maple, Mathematica, wxMaxima…)
  4. Other mathematical software and smart boards in application of mathematics (Financial mathematics, STEM, etc.).

During the conference, workshops on the use of particular mathematical software (e.g. GeoGebra, wxMaxima) will be organized.

Plenary Lectures

One of the three plenary lectures, entitled “Sketchometry and JSXGraph – Dynamic Geometry for mobile devices”, will be given in English by prof. Dr. Alfred Wassermann from Universität Bayreuth. The remaining plenary lectures will be given by prof. RNDr. Milan Hejný, CSc. (Charles University in Prague) and RNDr. Libuše Samková, Ph.D. (University of South Bohemia) in Czech.

Conference fee, accommodation and food

Discounted conference fee (to be paid by 15th September): 700 CZK

Full conference fee (paid after 15th September): 800 CZK (Czech Crown)

Payment is possible in advance (ask organizers for the necessary information) or in place (cash).

Reservation and payment of accommodation are not covered by the conference registration system. The organizers have preliminarily reserved rooms at lower „conference“ prices in two hotels (see the conference web page or send an e-mail to the organizers).

The conference food is served in the university cafeteria. Selection of daily meals (lunch, supper) can be made within the registration system on the conference web page (see below). Price of the conference food is not covered by the conference fee!


Registration is realized via the registration form on the conference web page.

Selected contribution will be published in the journal South Bohemia Mathematical Letters (http://home.pf.jcu.cz/~sbml).

Conference Venue

Conference hall of the University of South Bohemia
(informally called “Bobík”)
Studentská 800/15, Čtyři Dvory, České Budějovice
GPS: 48°58’40.613″N, 14°26’59.002″E

Important Dates and Deadlines

August 31 – Abstract of contributed talks and workshops (about 12 lines)
September 15 – Discounted registration fee
November 7 – Conference opening (10:00 a.m.)
November 24 – Full paper contribution


Contact address

doc. RNDr. Helena Binterová, Ph.D.

Pedagogická fakulta  JU v Č. Budějovicích
Jeronýmova 10,
371 15 České Budějovice
tel.: 387773087, 604 978 864

e-mail: hbinter@pf.jcu.cz